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How to get Support

If you need support for the ParksnPeaks iPhone app, please email vk5ayl@wia.org.au

Include a brief description of the issue, what screen it is related to, how to reproduce the problem.

If you are having problems with your exported logs for example there are errors in LogSearch:

  1. Start the app.

  2. Go to the QSO Log screen.

  3. Press the top right hand button to view the Log Analysis & Export page. 

  4. Press the View Logs button on the bottom toolbar (3rd button).

  5. Press the far right hand button to select the log types you want to send.

  6. Select one or more log types from the list, eg WWFF ADIF.

  7. Press the middle button on the bottom row, it looks like a mail button.

  8. In the E-Mail that is created, you should see the attached logs.

  9. Add the support E-Mail address - vk5ayl@wia.org.au in the E-Mail To: line

  10. Include your callsign and a brief description of the problem in the body of the E-Mail

  11. Press Send