© 2017-2019 by Susan Southcott - VK5AYL

Swiping Spots & Alerts

Having spent a lot of time as a hunter/chaser, I decided to make things easier for myself while testing the app. The Spots & Alerts screens have data about the Activator, I wanted to log data about the Activator that I had communicated with. I decided to make use of this data by capturing the information to log contacts with Activators and/or re-spot them. That's when I discovered swiping. Basically, if you've made contact with an Activator on the Spots or Alerts list, you swipe the row to the right and press the Log/Spot button that appears.

Swipes work on the following rules:

Swiping Spots

  • The Spot is related to a local Amateur, ie VK/ZL and other prefixes such as VI, AX and ZM.

  • The Spot hasn't already been logged

  • You can still swipe a Spot that has only been re-spotted, once it has been logged, it becomes unavailable.

  • If the swipe shows Invalid, it is because the Activator is not a local ham or you have already logged this row.

Swiping Alerts

  • The Alert has today's date, you can't swipe Alerts in the future. The time is not used when working out what can be swiped.

  • The Alert hasn't been logged yet.