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In-app Notifications

Version 2 fires Spot notifications when the app is open. These will display detail about the Spot at the top of the screen, ie Activator's callsign, site, frequency and mode. For WWFF, you get the Kookaburra sound, for SOTA you get the goat sound, this is the standard! You can also get the default notification sound by changing a setting, which is quieter but not as much fun!

How they work in PnP

Firstly, you'll need to allow notifications. The app will ask you if you want to receive notifications when you install and open it for the first time. If you answer No, you won't receive in-app or push notifications.

I have a timer which polls ParksnPeaks.org every <n> seconds and automatically downloads Spots. The number of seconds for polling can be changed in Settings.

As it loops through the downloaded Spots, it divides them into WWFF and SOTA and places new Spots into the specific notification list for the award. As each spot is notified, it is flagged as sent and therefore won't be sent again, so avoiding duplication.