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The QSO Log

Before designing the data inputs, I had to know what the outputs were. This involved many days of searching the internet, then reading specifications for ADIF and CSV format for both SOTA and WWFF. Both Awards had variations when it came to CSV files and the ADIF process was different as well. You can read more about Exports on the next page.

When I started working on the QSO Log function, I thought it would be easy, now that I was an app developer! From the app point of view, designing the data entry scene was relatively easy.

The rules surrounding the Parks & Peaks activities was the hard part. From Activators, Hunter/Chasers, Summits in Parks, Park to Park, Summit to Summit, WWFF is different to SOTA and then there are other Awards (Classes) like KRMNPA, SHIRES, SANPCPA, etc. There were so many scenarios to consider.

Add exporting logs, in-app and push notifications and it did my head in sometimes. Still it was going to be a major challenge, which I love, although at the time I didn't realise how much of a challenge it would be.

I set out to enable Activators to enter logs while out in a park or on a summit. There is no need to have internet connectivity with logging, so it was do-able. Indeed, quite a few of the beta testers now use it instead of paper logging. Apparently, its not so easy when doing CW though, so unless you are ambidextrous, keep the paper log handy just in case.

At the bottom of this page is my first attempt at the design for the QSO Log list. I quite like the simple list view but when using an iPhone, there really isn't enough room for fingers to press on a row to edit. I decided to design it as per Spots and Alerts, with more than one line of data in each row.

The new list format is based on the large date/time box, Activator and their site on the left and the contacted operator and their site on the right.

In the middle are the codes that indicate what type of contact it was such as:

A2H is Activator to Hunter, its WWFF and green.

A2C is Activator to Chaser, its SOTA and blue.

SIP (summit in park) which automatically creates 2 log items

P2P (park to park) between both operators

S2S (summit to summit) between both operators

You can clearly see who the Activator is and who the hunter/chaser is.

  • To start the log as an activator, just press the button with the A in the box.

  • To start the log as a hunter/chaser, just press the button with a chaser/hunter icon.

Both options will populate the fields from your last entry and you only need to complete the missing data.