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First attempts 2013

I started playing with iPhone development late in 2013 when the latest version of Delphi (Pascal) was supposedly able to produce an iPhone app. I have used Delphi since version 1, so I was quite comfortable with it as a programming language. However, using it for iPhone development involved an Apple Mac with a Windows partition using Parallels or something similar. Then I had to get a bit of software called a PAServer working on the IOS partition as a remote server. My app, being developed in Delphi on the Windows partition would then communicate with it. Richard and I took our computers to New Zealand on holidays, as you do! I played with this damn thing each morning for a whole week on our holiday through the North Island. Finally with a 3 hour stopover in Melbourne airport on the way home, I got it working but it was so slow and cumbersome, I gave up!