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A working hiatus from PnP – 2015

In June 2015, my day job consumed all my time when the US Company I worked for changed their name, their products and all the back room software that I had worked on over the last 13 years. It required 60 hours or more a week including weekends to change the software for Australia, NZ, Europe, Malaysia and Singapore. By the time I got back to my app again in early 2016, there was a new version, Swift 2. When I downloaded the new version and compiled the project, there was a sea of red in my code. Things had changed so much in Swift that my code was out of date and had stacks of errors. I tried to fix it but I just didn't know enough.

I’m not one to give up easily so I decided to go back to the basics and start again. I had learnt Swift too quickly and missed important bits and pieces. I found a series of video tutorials online that seemed to fit the bill and spent most of my 3 week holiday in November doing over 50 of these videos. There were 79 in fact but I started before my holidays and had a handful left by the time I went back to work.

With Swift still evolving, I decided to take my time and work on PnP bit by bit. There was no point in producing a product that would be out of date as soon as I released it.