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First attempts at PnP - 2015

I started development of the app using Swift 1 in late 2014 and early 2015. Within a few weeks, I started to think I’d like to hide under a rock, never to be seen again. Swift was so different to Delphi and I was struggling to understand how to design and layout the app, especially on the screen size of an iPhone.

Here is my first storyboard design, which took weeks. The storyboard is part of Xcode and gives you not only a place to design but also a pictorial view of your app and the connections between each screen. Looks easy doesn’t it!

Original design storyboard

It worked okay but it was messy. Every scene on this storyboard has code behind it, these are separate files where the guts of the program is kept. The code behind these screens or (scenes as they are called) was a dog’s breakfast. I had no idea what I was doing really. As I built each scene, I’d go and find a tutorial on how to achieve certain bits. This was very time consuming because each tutorial wouldn’t quite do what I wanted or explain it well, so I’d have to find another and another. Google and StackOverflow became my best friends. Most of the code would go so far and then just leave me dangling.