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Objective C  or Swift – 2014

Then I started learning Objective C, the main Apple language at the time. It is definitely not for the feint hearted. I started with a test app with a screen or two but after a couple of months, I lost interest. The idea of managing memory again was not for me, life is too short, its meant to be fun. In late 2014, I discovered that Apple had just released a completely new language called Swift which was supposed to be safer than Objective C, more concise and I didn’t have to manage memory. So I did some tutorials and decided I wanted to learn Swift instead. I also had to learn how to use an Apple, a steep learning curve indeed.

I bought a couple of books and did a few more tutorials but Swift 1.0 had only just been released and it was a changing product. It is now up to version 3 as of May 2017 and they are already talking about version 4.